How Can A Real Estate Agent Benefit from A Great Real Estate Attorney

Real estate agents are on the front lines when it comes to buying and selling property but can also benefit from the behind the scenes support of a great real estate attorney. As a real estate agent, your job bears the brunt of helping a client prepare to sell and register on the MLS or help a client buy a property via the MLS. You are skilled at what you do and have your client’s back when it comes to real estate. But who has yours? This is where a great real estate attorney can be an asset for building your reputation as a versatile leader in the industry. Read more

Importance of NOL Carryback and What It Means to Businesses

NOL carrybacks have long been a complex tax issue for businesses, and the coronavirus pandemic and CARES Act of 2020 have further complicated the issue, leaving many corporations wondering about the importance of NOL carrybacks and what it means to businesses. The bad news, if there is any, is that the process of NOL carrybacks has now changed again as a result of the CARES Act. The good news is that many can use this new protocol to use their 2020 losses to yield cash refunds. Read more