Our Firm is located in Houston, Texas. By utilizing the multidisciplinary skills of our attorneys, the Firm is able to provide full-service legal assistance to individuals and businesses. While we pride ourselves on handling legal matters of all varieties, our Firm primarily practices in the following areas.

Real Estate

Real Estate requires several levels of planning from contract to the final agreements all the way through to the deed. Even with the assistance of a realtor, it is always advisable to get the help of a seasoned real estate attorney to help smoothly navigate the process. Our firm handles many of the more complex real estate transactions including real estate planning, expensing and like-kind exchanges.

Tax Law

When people have tax issues, it can present a unique set of challenges. Although an accountant is usually the first thought, often a lawyer will really be the best person suited to solve the issue.  Our attorneys are trained to handle a wide variety of tax issues on both a personal and business level. Beyond IRS Representation, we help with payroll tax issues as well as a myriad of business tax problems.

Business Law

Every business needs a good business attorney. From mergers and acquisitions to international and domestic issues, business law can also help with human resource issues, as well as helping write and enforce contracts. With our vast amount of expertise that traverses multiple facets of business law, we help our business clients with a variety of services, stopping the need to have multiple legal teams across multiple practice areas.


Whether you have a personal bankruptcy or a more complex business bankruptcy, our firm handles various types of Bankruptcy. We understand that life sometimes forces these circumstances, especially as we have the economic swings we’ve seen of late. Many business owners are seeking advice on how to meet the challenges they are facing today. Those challenges at times also cross into personal circumstances as well. Call our firm today if you are in need of help with a personal or business bankruptcy.

Estate Planning and Probate

Whether you are interested in estate planning or are facing probate and not sure what is needed, our firm can help. We focus on estate planning that includes advance directives and wills. But we also handle more complex planning including estate planning for our clients. Other estate and tax planning services may include creating trusts and other forms of family limited partnerships.