Is a debtor of yours thinking about or planning to file for bankruptcy protection? You may require creditor representation to help protect you before bankruptcy and in bankruptcy court. Just because your debtor is filing for bankruptcy protection does not automatically mean you will never see the money you are rightfully owed. By enlisting the help of Harold “Hap” May Attorneys at Law for creditors representation, you can help protect your rights and the money you are owed.

Services We Provide for Creditors Representation

When a debtor pursues bankruptcy, it can substantially impact creditors that have assets or interests with the debtor. Our attorneys understand the nuances of bankruptcy law and can help navigate difficult situations to ensure your rights are protected.

Some of the services we provide for creditors representation can include:

Adequate protection

This type of bankruptcy protection is the right of a secured creditor so they can be protected against any decrease in the value of their interest in a debtor’s property amidst bankruptcy proceedings. Adequate protection may also be used in cases involving debtor in possession (DIP) financing.

Navigation of automatic stay

Debtors may obtain an automatic stay in their bankruptcy filing to keep creditors’ claims frozen when it comes to the debtor’s assets. Most debtors seek to keep this in place until bankruptcy proceedings have resolved. For this reason, it is key to have a knowledgeable attorney on the case that understands how to seek relief from automatic stays to protect creditors’ rights to the full amount they are owed.

Failure to disclose

If a debtor does not clearly and fully disclose all assets and debts, it can carry severe consequences. That failure to disclose pertinent information may in turn result in the debtor incurring non-dischargeable debts, which can make them accountable to other creditors. We can help search for and identify a debtor’s failure to disclose situations that if not discovered could negatively impact a creditor.

Non-dischargeable debts

This term refers to debts that may not be eliminated per the federal bankruptcy code. Our attorneys can analyze your particular asset-interest to determine if yours is, or could be, non-dischargeable and develop a strategy to ensure that your right to be paid survives bankruptcy.

In addition to these services, we can also assist creditor clients with actions that support their cases such as:

  • Advising about the best course of action to achieve a particular goal
  • Calling for the return of collateral
  • Completing necessary forms
  • Explaining statutory provisions and rules
  • Filing motions to dismiss bankruptcy proceedings
  • Filing proofs of claim
  • Notifying proper entities with pertinent notices and papers
  • Objecting to confirmation of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy plan
  • Settling a lease assumption or rejection

Is My Company Considered A Creditor?

If you are owed money by another, then you are likely defined as a creditor. Creditors that our firm represents include:

  • Real Estate Lenders
  • Friend and family lenders
  • Commercial landlords
  • Financial institutions
  • Homeowners’ associations
  • Manufacturers
  • Mortgage holders
  • Residential landlords
  • Suppliers

Why Choose Harold “Hap” May Attorneys at Law for Creditors Representation

When it comes to matters of individual and business bankruptcy, creditors will likely need the expertise of reputable and experienced attorneys who have an intimate knowledge of the federal bankruptcy code. We are here to help identify solutions for creditors with debtors in bankruptcy.

When it comes to finding the right representation to ensure success, we have what it takes. Our attorneys are:

  • Well versed in federal bankruptcy code as well as other pertinent areas of law such as real estate and tax law
  • Members of the State Bar of Texas
  • Members of the Houston Bar Association
  • Specialize in real estate, trust, accounting/tax, and business law

We are dedicated to helping creditors with a claim against a debtor pursue what is rightfully theirs. If you currently have a claim against a debtor or are facing a debtor that is considering filing or has filed for bankruptcy, take control of and protect the money you are owed by enlisting the help of our law firm today.