Business law is a fast-growing industry domestically and internationally. Whether it be coordinating and enforcing contracts, handling delicate human resource issues, managing high stakes mergers and acquisitions, handling service industry relationships, or other areas of commercial litigation, it can be helpful to have a team of well-versed Houston business law attorneys on your side. Harold “Hap” May, P.C. Attorneys at Law know business, and we are here to help you with yours.

Areas Our Houston Business Law Attorneys Can Assist With

There is a nuts and bolts side to running a business that requires attention to detail in a large scope of best practices such as contract negotiation and enforcement, harassment suits, overtime disputes, purchase agreements, and more.

Some of the aspects of business law we handle for our clients includes:

Mergers and Acquisitions

Whether you are a business acquiring another in an effort to grow your market, or you are a business that is being merged with another, it can be a delicate situation for all parties involved. Let our knowledgeable staff assist you with common merger and acquisition issues such as due diligence, purchase agreements, and escrow agreements. Having an attorney on deck may be able help smooth over some of the bumps and bruises that can come with mergers and acquisitions.

Service Industries

The oil and gas industry is a large part of the Houston economy with dozens of energy giants calling the city home. For this reason, it is not uncommon for oil and gas businesses and professional services such as supply and welding companies to require assistance with oil field service agreements, manufacturing and equipment contracts, exploration agreements and production agreements.

Commercial Litigation

Particularly in a highly competitive market, litigation can make the difference when it comes to a company being able to protect themselves. The term commercial litigation is fairly broad and covers a wide variety of topics. Because of its complicated nature and high stakes, it is not uncommon for commercial litigation to make its way to a federal court. For court cases, it is critical to have the proper representation to assist with research, an investigation, discovery, and trying the case should it come to that.

If you have specific questions about business law procedures as well as how you can proactively and reactively manage them, consider making an appointment with our Houston business lawyers at Harold “Hap” May, P.C. Attorneys at Law today.