Houston has been home for Harold “Hap” May Attorneys at Law for a long time. We take great pride in providing legal representation to both companies and individuals in a variety of service industries that make up a part of the fourth most populous city in the United States.

Business Service Industries

Regardless of the industry, most businesses find that they require the services of an attorney at some point. A few of the industries we specialize in serving can include:

Human Resources

A company’s human resources department is often the glue that keeps a business’ day to day operations running smoothly. Our attorneys can assist HR departments proactively and reactively with issues such as non-compete agreements, sales commission agreements, harassment suits, overtime disputes, and confidentiality agreements.

Oil and Gas

Houston has long been home to one of the largest hubs for the domestic and international oil and gas industries. For most energy giants in this line of work, assistance with oil field service agreements, exploration and production agreements, and manufacturing and equipment contracts is needed for supply and welding companies. We have experience in and can help with these contracts and agreements.

Real Estate

In a city as large as Houston, the real estate business is quite fluid. The fast pace of this industry requires solid protection when it comes to related contracts and agreements.  Whether it is a boundary line agreement, contracts, due diligence, lease or partition agreements, property disputes, property easements, or title dispute, our attorneys have extensive expertise in these areas.

Professional Services

Whether you are a business or an individual, Harold “Hap” May Attorneys at Law offer a wide variety of professional services that may benefit your personal or professional circumstances, including:

Tax Audits and Refund Claims

Annual taxes can be complex for both businesses and individuals to navigate. If you are facing an audit, we can assist. We have experience in working with the Internal Revenue Service and help facilitate the audit while ensuring your rights are protected. Should you experience an issue with a refund, our attorneys are also able to help you with a refund claim, either with the IRS directly or filing suit in federal district court.


Entities that enter into a contract with another party must be specific and sound when it comes to defining party obligations, rights, and roles. We assist clients with both drafting a contract and dealing with contract disputes and have experience with all types of contracts pertaining to franchises, government entities, and service providers. For most businesses when negotiating contracts, it is important to both get it right and get it done. Our attorneys are both diligent and persistent.

Bankruptcy Tax Matters

Bankruptcies complicates taxes planning and compliance for the debtor, creditors, equity holders and parties administering the bankruptcy estate. Harold “Hap” May has successfully dealt with taxes issues relating to discharge of debt, involuntary sale of assets and bankruptcy reorganization since the mid-1980s.

Business Tax

The world of business is constantly changing with major transactions that can significantly impact a business’ taxes. Seize the opportunity to be proactive by enlisting the help of our attorneys who can represent you and have your best tax interests at heart when facing acquisitions, dissolution, distribution, liquidations, mergers, and termination.

Commercial Litigation

Companies have to be able to protect themselves in the high stakes world of business. When circumstances could potentially lead to needing representation in court, our tax attorneys are ready to assist.


Our attorneys are equipped to represent parties making Debtor in Possession (DIP) loans and those wanting to purchase companies or assets out of a bankruptcy. We can also assist with bankruptcy exit financing.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Whether a business wants to acquire another, be acquired by another or a merger is already in the works, these situations require a delicate balance and steady hand to ensure everything goes smoothly. Our attorneys are qualified to assist with related issues such as purchase agreements, due diligence, escrow agreements, employee retention planning and related tax planning.

Payroll Tax

If you own a business, then you understand how often payroll tax issues can creep up. All too often a small mistake can lead to big issues with a state tax comptroller or even the Internal Revenue Service. The danger for business owners and managers is that a large portion of payroll tax liability can be accessed and collected from the business owner. Should you find yourself amidst a payroll tax situation, we can help resolve the matter while ensuring your rights are protected.

If you have a business or are an individual who requires legal representation for one of the above or similar situations, we encourage you to reach out for a consultation today.