Real estate in Texas is a complex combination of planning, contracts, financial agreements, and deeds which can be so overwhelming that an individual or company may be hesitant to jump in. However, an experienced Houston real estate attorney who understands the litigation and transactional side of the industry can help streamline the process from start to finish.

Areas Our Houston Real Estate Attorneys Can Help

At Harold “Hap” May, P.C. Attorneys at Law, we primarily offer services that can help our clients navigate the below areas of real estate taxes and related issues:

Acquisition Sales

Our Houston attorneys are trained in aiding clients with the sales and tax transactions that come along with acquiring a property. This may also include help with contract negotiation and the finance or loan processes to make the most of real estate taxes on property purchases.

Real Estate Planning

Developers in the planning stage of real estate frequently require our help with zoning and permitting as they evaluate purchasing and growing a property. We can help facilitate the planning and permit process.

Real Estate Development

Retail developers such as those working on developing a master planned community or a new property site may need assistance with site evaluations and acquisitions. Our staff can aide with necessary documentation.


Businesses who own rental property may use depreciation deductions over the long term, but attorneys familiar with expensing may be able to speed up those depreciation deductions.

Like Kind Exchanges

Our staff can help with like kind exchanges which may allow some businesses to engage in tax-free exchanges of investment properties. This kind of exchange requires expansive knowledge of IRS regulations and those of other pertinent authorities.

Real Estate Contracts

Property contracts are full of details. Having one of our real estate attorneys review or draw up the fine print of a property contract can help prevent unwelcome contract-based surprises in the future.

Real Estate Options

With a thorough understanding of the real estate industry and the legislation that goes with it, our Houston real estate attorneys can help a client identify the most viable and cost-effective options for their bottom line.

Earnest Money

To enter a property transaction in good faith, it may be advantageous for the client to make a deposit to an escrow or trust account to buy them more time to secure additional financing. This deposit of money is generally referred to as earnest money.

Escrow Agreements

Escrow agreements are a type of contract that acts as an arrangement between entities when one of the entities deposits an asset to a third entity. Our staff is experienced with writing and reviewing these escrow agreements.

Construction/Development Contracts

In many cases, the acquisition of a property is then followed by construction or development of the property. This may require an attorney’s intimate knowledge of construction law to assist with contract negotiations, litigation, disputes, and injury claims.

Real Estate Partition Agreements and Disputes

In general, partition agreements separate one estate into two separate estates. We can help with the drafting of partition agreements or the mediation of partition disputes.

Borderline Agreements

If there is a discrepancy over the exact location of a borderline on a property, legal representation may be able to assist with property research and the drafting of a borderline agreement.

Due Diligence

Investing large amounts of time and money into property makes doing due diligence a necessity. This is the act of thoroughly reviewing contracts, inspections, financing, insurance, titles, and more. Our team will carefully review these documents and better explain them to clients.


For the purposes of property law, a title is generally considered to be a set of rights in a property. Usually a party owns a legal or equitable interest in a title bundle. Real estate attorneys can assist with researching titles as well as title disputes.


A property deed is a legal document that officially transfers a property from one owner to another. A trust deed is a legal document that transfers the title of a property to a party until the first party can pay off their loans.

Real Estate Financial Agreements

When buying or selling property, financial agreements simply come with the territory. We work with clients to ensure that financial agreements they sign are clear, fair, and advantageous.

Leases and Lease Agreements

Those entities who wish to lease property can benefit from working with one of our attorneys to set up a legal lease agreement.

Property Easements

For those clients wishing to create an easement, our staff can help draft these documents.

For answers to questions about real estate taxes and related issues, please reach out to Harold “Hap” May, P.C. Attorneys at Law today and speak with a Houston real estate attorney.