It is possible for a business or individual to face an audit by the Internal Revenue Service at some point. While the mention of such an audit can strike fear in most, acquiring reputable legal representation makes panicking unnecessary.

Our tax attorneys have experience with IRS representation, including common issues such as:

  • Adverse collection actions
  • Financial agreements
  • Intimidation tactics

Life happens, and if an IRS audit is part of it, make sure you have a knowledgeable and capable tax attorney to help you successfully navigate IRS representation.

Why Hire a Tax Attorney for IRS Representation?

The breadth of federal tax law is expansive. The federal tax code alone has more than seventy thousand pages. The codes are constantly being updated. Within rules there are exceptions and exceptions to those exceptions. It makes good sense to hire an IRS tax attorney who is familiar with these rules.

Some of the top reasons to hire a tax attorney for IRS representation can include the attorney’s:

  • Ability to save you time from delving into thousands of pages of unfamiliar tax codes
  • Intimate knowledge of federal tax code
  • Ability to be a liaison between clients and the IRS
  • Familiarity with IRS processes and agents
  • Assistance with IRS tax audits
  • Experience in identifying and submitting the correct type of offer in compromise to the IRS
  • Negotiating a low tax settlement with the IRS
  • Familiarity with potentially abusive and illegal practices performed by IRS agents and officers
  • Representation in Tax Court litigation, if necessary

Tax Attorney IRS Representation Services

In addition to combatting adverse collection actions and intimidation tactics, Harold “Hap” May Attorneys at Law also provide representation for the following situations:

IRS Letters

Receiving a letter from the IRS is not a reason for instant alarm. For example, if a taxpayer receives a Notice of Deficiency regarding their tax returns, they can file a petition with the federal tax court to dispute adjustments. Our attorneys understand how the federal tax court works, how to file tax court petitions, and dispute in court if necessary.

Tax Opinions Attorney

A tax opinion may shield a client from penalties resulting from a position they relied on described under the opinion. In this sense, an opinion is written advice regarding federal or Texas tax matters that a client can rely on for strategic decision making.


One of the worst things an individual or business can do after receiving an audit is delaying action. Act quickly and align with a reputable tax attorney to represent you for your audit to review an agent’s IRS assessment for accuracy. This may keep you from paying the IRS more than you need to, and avoid the situation spiraling out of control.

General Tax Problems

Failing to file your taxes or filing them late can do far more damage than good. At the very least it generally requires the taxpayer to pay interest, and without legal representation, it could end with you being subject to criminal tax prosecution. Our tax attorneys are familiar with IRS representation and understand how to navigate late tax filings and back taxes in a way that gives clients the greatest possible benefit.

What to Look for In a Tax Attorney for IRS Representation

When staring down an audit from the federal government, it is critical to have the right tax attorney representation in place. When interviewing potential tax attorneys be sure to verify their:

  • Familiarity with federal
  • Previous representation of tax issues similar to yours and beyond
  • Initial and general assessment of your situation
  • Methods of preferred communication
  • Cost of services (flat fee, hourly rate, etc.)
  • Estimation of total legal fees
  • Payment schedule
  • Availability and hours of operation
  • Reputation

If you are currently experiencing issues with the Internal Revenue Service or would like to be proactive in preparing for the future, please contact Harold “Hap” May Attorneys at Law today.